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This is crazy….

Tis not crazy, Disney would have the voice actors act out a scene so that the artist could use it as a reference. In fact the audio for the Mad Hatter is all taken from this scene. 

I’ve never been so in love!

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Maybe | Kelly Clarkson

I’m strong
But I break
I’m stubborn
And I make plenty of mistakes

Yeah I’m hard
And life with me is never easy
To figure out, to love
I’m jaded but oh so lovely

All you have to do is hold me
And you’ll know and you’ll see
Just how sweet it can be

If you’ll trust me, love me, let me
Maybe, maybe

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I’m Not a Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBTI community through art and design, created by Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) in light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela and the World. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter using the hashtag #ImNotaJoke. Like my page on Facebook and share the posters to support the cause! 

For every T-Shirt you buy, one dollar will be donated to the campaign

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Ben is new to Southern California and new to being in front of the camera. I was his first “professional” shoot. But if you click here, I’m sure you will all realize why he will be in front of the camera for many more shoots. 

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